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Offseason Updates

Offseason is officially here. Thank you to all the families who helped grow Sartell Baseball into what it is now. There are changes happening for the ballfield and we are excited for the new addition of Mr. Twisty coming to Pinecone Central Park as a concession stand vendor. We hope to make other offseason improvements in working with the City of Sartell in a new partnership as well. 

If you are interested in helping to learn more about capital improvements we urge you to reach out to us at

Please check out our players page for drills and other offseason work that can be done. There are also local community options for winter camps in our area as well, check them out and see you in the spring!

Want to learn more about Trusted Coaches?

Sartell Baseball is committed to putting the best interests of your kids first!! #TrustedCoaches

Want a new SBA Nike fitted hat?

SBA is selling new SBA Nike flex-fitted hats.  Once purchased, we will advertise various pickup dates/locations for you to pick up your hat.  Sizes available are XL/L, L/M, M/S, and S/XS.  You will be able to try on sizes if your size is unknown when purchasing.  Two ways to purchase a new SBA Nike flex-fitted hat:

  • Use link below to pay via credit card (processing fees apply using this method).
  • Pay via Venmo.  SBA's Venmo account is @Sartell-Baseball.  Please label the $20 payment for Nike Hat and include a size in the description along with your name.

You must purchase using these two methods only. 

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