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SBA Leagues - Grades 3 and up

  • How much travel is needed if my child makes a Gopher State travel team?

It really depends on age and talent with other area teams as certain age levels they  might have a AAA or AA team and other age levels not, common opponents typically are (St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Monticello, Becker, Big Lake, Elk River, St. Michael Albertville.  etc.)

  • What grades (or ages) play Gopher State and CMCBL?

There are Gopher State teams at the 10U-15U age groups.  This includes 3rd/4th - 9th graders.  Players must tryout and be selected to play Gopher State.  There are currently 4 CMCBL leagues.  There is a 3rd grade (9 year olds), 4th-5th (10-11 year olds) grade league, a 6th-7th (12- 13 year olds) grade league and a 8th-9th (14-15 year olds) grade league.

  • Do travel teams play every weekend in the summer?

No.  Travel teams have a 16 game regular season which are played on weeknights from April through the end of June.   There are also end of season playoffs that are scheduled for early to mid-July.   In addition, travel teams are required to play in a minimum of 3 weekend tournaments during the season.  Usually, one of these tournaments are played before school is out so there should be plenty of weekend time available for vacations/cabin visits during the season!

  • Can you compare/contrast a CMCBL team versus a travel team as far as the season/games are concerned?

The chart below gives some examples of a Gopher State team and a CMCBL team at similar ages and how a typical season is set up.

  • When are practices and games?

The practices are set up by individual coaches and you will be notified by your coach

Gopher State vs. CMCBL

Gopher State Travel League CMCBL League
Team Placement Process Players evaluated at tryouts and selected for teams. Players are placed as evenly as possible on teams based on previous seasons coaches reviews.
Game Schedule 16 game regular season played on weeknights 13 game regular season played on weeknights. 9U, 12-13 Mon & Wed nights 10-11, 14-15 Tue & Thu nights
Tournament Schedule End of season playoffs in early July / Potential to qualify for Gopher State Tournament of Champions state tournament in mid July End of season tournament - 3rd weekend in July. Locations will be added on the CMCBL web page when confirmed.
Additional Tournaments Minimum of 3 weekend tournaments required No weekend tournaments other than end of season
Opponent Distance Most opponents are local, while some games will be in Rogers, Buffalo, Monticello, or other I94 corridor cities. Most games will be in Sauk Rapids, Foley, and Sartell, some against other Sartell teams. Some games may be played further away towards the end of the season.
Practice Expectations 2 - 4 hrs of practice per week depending on schedule 1-2 hrs of practice per week
Playing Time Expectations Equal playing time promoted for all leagues Equal playing time promoted for all leagues
Coaching Philosophy Competitive play - play to win while still developing fundamental skills Emphasis is on fundamental skill development and some competitive play
Uniform Expectations League supplies jersey & hat but must buy your own pants League supplies jersey & hat but must buy your own pants, belt, cleats
Additional Cost Approximately $135 in additional fees to cover tournament, gate fees, etc. No additional fees